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Monday, 19 August 2013

Sue & Byron's Garden Sale in aid of Dogs for the Disabled

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are well???  I mentioned on Saturday that I would let you know how I got on at the Sale we did in aid of Dogs for the Disabled.  It was an amazing day, and the weather kept fine, even better than fine it was even warm.

As you can see from my photograph, I sold the cards and my Mum made and sold her jewellery, which I think is amazing.  The ones in the white boxes are all proper gemstones, for example there was an Emerald and an Aquamarine necklace and earrings.  Lovely.

Now, I have to mention the garden that we were in.  It belongs to Sue and Byron, now they are both wheelchair bound, and they both have a dog for the disabled to help them.  The garden is amazing as you can see from my photo's (well I hope you can).  From the Sale they made around £1300, what a good sum and a fantastic Charity.

Well, I'm going to do another sale on Sunday, it's all happening and I sold so many of my cards that I'm going to have to make some more.


P.S. Some of the Photo's were take at the end of the sale, that's why some of the baskets are half empty.



  1. What a beautiful sales table and what lovely products. You did so well raising that fantastic sum. Jx

  2. I am glad it went well Anne-Marie and well done on helping to raise so much!! xx

  3. WOW< congratulations on raising so much money for such a fabulous charity. I might need a dog to help me as I get more & more disabled & my daughter leaves home (she's 16 at the moment & I have a progressive inherited genetic disease along with other quite serious disabilities).
    I love the look of more or less everything on the table!! Well done ;)
    Marg ;) x