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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Back from my Table Top Sale!!!

Hi Everybody,

I hope you are all well, I'll tell you that my Mum and me are freezing.  I've just come home from my local Church and the Table Top Sale, now it wasn't very busy, and I was even less busy.  The weather didn't help, I mean who would come out on a morning like we had this morning.  The temperature was only 6 C and it rained from the start to the end.

Well, I sold quite a few Cards, but not that many (there have to go back into the Craft Room until we hear of anything).  But, it was an experience, something new something I've ever done before, and it was fun!!!

Bye (I'm going to go and warm up!!!)



  1. Ohhh hope u soon warm up, I found I was disappointed first time I did a table top sale but makes me more determined...I do a few charity nights and give a donation of the profits. Haven't done any for a while tho...ebay is as good as anything for me.

  2. I find alot of people have the same sort of experiences on these - I always find close friends and family, followed by ebay and Etsy work. Keep positive though, at least you did sell something. Hugs, Claire x